Are you the owner of a small to medium sized business which needs a professional looking website?

These days, hiring a company to design your business website can be a complex and confusing process that causes a lot of pain and frustration, and can result in you being left with a website that doesn’t fully meet your needs.

Do any of these comments sound familiar to you?
  • I hate the final look of my website…
  • My competitors website looks better…
  • I didn’t get the website that I wanted…
  • It cost twice as much as we had originally planned…
  • The website went months over schedule…
  • My website designers aren’t returning my calls anymore…

These are the common complaints we hear all the time from new clients describing their previous experiences of having a website built for them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Armed with the right knowledge, you can achieve an outstanding return on investment if you select the right digital marketing company to work with.

Here’s a few things to consider when hiring a digital marketing agency to design your website.
  • Are they interested in fully understanding your business, and how your website will fit into the overall picture?
  • Do they ask you what you want for your website? Or simply tell you what you will get?
  • Do they give you an idea of the time frame for completion of your website? Do they have a track record of delivering on time and within budget?
  • Do they communicate with you on a regular basis to keep you updated on progress with the design of your website?
  • Do they provide you with a high level of customer service?
  • Do they design a website that is visually appealing, functional and optimised for the online marketing for your business? i.e. Is the website search engine friendly and content marketing focused?
  • Do they act in your interests, and provide expert advice on online marketing as a trusted advisor? Beyond just your website?
  • Are the websites that they’ve previously designed professional, visually appealing and have a clear call to action?
  • Do they design websites that are multi device friendly? In today’s environment, people are browsing the Internet from many devices, whether it be from their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

If you would like to work with a digital marketing agency that meets the above criteria, then come and talk to the team here at Gnu Eventures Digital Marketing Solutions. We can help you get value for money and provide a website that is professionally designed, visually appealing, and optimised to satisfy your business needs.

Here is a testimonial from one of our happy clients

“In that gruelling stage of growing my business, I needed the best help I could get to assist me in taking that first step into building a website so the world could recognise my business.

Greg and Nita of Gnu Eventures Digital Marketing Solutions take control and make the right decisions, I was able to brain storm the core ideas and they took it to the next level and created an amazing website with an extremely professional layout and put a nice touch so people can view our work from all angles. They initially take that extra time in the beginning to really get to know what you’re after. Then I just left it to them to complete and I was really impressed with their service.

It’s still early days with my web site and it’s absolutely already paid itself off, it’s the best thing I’ve done for my business so far, just to have that edge over other companies when your business is backed up by such a great web site.

If you are growing your business or even want to change your current website, I strongly recommend Greg and Nita, they genuinely helped me out for a very affordable price, they are honest and warm people that will take it upon themselves to go that extra mile to give you the edge. Thanks Greg and Nita.”

Giovanni Cnapich, Owner, Giovanni Construction

To find out more about getting a professional and visually appealing website designed for your business, contact us for a no obligation free consultation.

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